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Friday, July 19, 2019

研究领域/research interest


长期目标:  通过研究植物储存油脂生物合成的遗传与分子机理, 调查关键功能基因的作用机制,发展重要性状的分子标记、构建重要农艺性状的QTL图谱, 发掘、利用植物油脂累积过程中关键基因资源为农业生产服务。


Our research interest focuses on addressing the genetic or molecular basis for biosynthesis of plant storage lipids in developing seeds. Using biodiesel plants castor bean (Ricinous communis) and physic nut (jatropha curcas) as model systems, we clone and characterize key genes in lipid biosynthesis, which are critical in controlling oil content or fatty acid compounds in developing seeds. We try to address the molecular mechanism of key lipid genes from cDNA, transcription factor, miRNA, imprinted gene, protein enzyme and environmental factors. Also, we develop SSR, SNP markers and DNA sequence to investigate the genetic diversity and relationships among germplasms, facilitating QTL mapping of interesting traits and molcecular breeding in biodiesel plants.